First things first…


Welcome to our blog. Mainly written by me, Melissa. Occasionally, I’ll get my husband Ryan to submit a few things, but as a man of few words, you’ll most likely get a smart remark of funny unrelated YouTube video that will say so much about him and us as people.

A majority of you reading this already know us fairly well. For those of you who don’t , here’s a bit of who we are in a nutshell:

Ryan and I went to high school together, but were not high school sweethearts. In fact, we barely knew each other until fate stepped in my first year in college and his first year in the Army. We got in touch and maintained a long-distance relationship (with ALL the ups and downs) over the course of four years.  After his deployment to Iraq and my last year at school, he safely came home to propose. We’re approaching three years of marriage and it’s been quite the worthy ride.

My college graduation and his homecoming (R&R) in 2010

Fast forward a few years and he’s out of the Army and making college look easy, I’ve taken a new job and preparing for graduate school, we adopted a hound named Elvis, and bought our very first house.

The first key to our very first home in Puyallup
Elvis Wind
Life is so hard…

This all sounds all fine and dandy, but we’ve dealt with our fair share of rollercoaster rides. With life, comes loss and I’ve learned the best way to make it through is faith and honesty. Because of some of the amazing people in our lives, we’ve learned to be open about our falls in order to be strong in our rises.

This blog probably what you’ll fine in most “hey, it’s us!” blogs. But we’re not here to stand out, we’re just here to tell our story and update our loved ones. Here’s some of what you can expect:

Cooking and baking adventures. I have NEVER been a chef, but I have gained a new love of cuisine after having to feed more than just myself. Otherwise, it would just be brie and gummie bears in my house. Turns out men (and nephews) need solid sustenance.

Travel. We love to travel and feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to do so.  Maui is our favorite place/second home.

Home improvement. We love our little rambler, but there are little touches we have made and will continue to make changes to make it our own.

Crafts.  Or just a lot of Pinterest fails?

Non-profit work.  My hope is to go to graduate school for a Masters in Public Administration to continue my work in non-profits. My main focus (with the incredible support of Ryan) is the military community.  I have done work for the USO, Fisher House, Wounded Warrior Project and many other organizations that focus on servicemen, servicewomen and family members.  After being part of this community ourselves, Ryan and I have a soft spot in our hearts for our people 🙂 I can’t wait to launch our newest project with the help of our supporters and some REALLY hard work.

Thanks for reading!

❤ MW

“Life is but a dream, sweetheart”