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UnclesamwantyouMy morning always smells like fresh coffee. The boss has a high-end espresso machine we all drink from and because of this machine we all stay caffeinated and turn into coffee snobs. Sorry diner coffee, we are so done.

Like fresh coffee, I also enjoy a freshly pressed blog post. So while I was sipping on roasted Ethiopian goodness, I came across a blog that I am thoroughly enjoying so far. So much so, that I’m looking forward to going home today and talk about it with Ryan.

Carrying The Gun is a personal blog written by Don Gomez, a former Army infantryman who left his service, pursued school to study Middle East Studies and then rejoined the Army. It started out as a writing space to collect interesting things that pertained to his thesis research and now it serves as a fascinating ground for talking points, insight and literary entertainment.

Sometimes, I think our military men and women aren’t encouraged to speak their minds for fear of sounding too opinionated for someone who is essentially owned by our government. But I’d also like to think that our mindset on this is slowly changing as once-taboo topics, like PTSD for example, are gaining a louder voice. Subsequently, the louder voice is gathering a more intrigued audience.

What I really love about CTG is how he flashes back to old photos and emails written in 2004, during his first round of service in the Army. First of all, sir, kudos to you for remembering your AKO password and being able to dig through all the personnel and junk emails that pile up too high up to sort. Second, it’s amazing to read from a perspective of a young man facing war.  I’ve only been on one side of the war, as an Army wife back home. While we do have our own battles to face, we also have the outspoken support that most military men and women haven’t had until the rise of social media.

I hope you find Mr. Gomez’s blog to be as fresh as I do.


If you have a blog on WordPress that you highly suggest, let me know! We would love to showcase more sites on The Beard & The Bride that are worthy of good conversation and/or laughs.

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