Home Improvement

So they say nesting happens when you’re expecting a baby. While I’m not with-child yet, I have to say that my nesting habits have been going on for a while. We are head over heels in love with the rambler we bought over a year ago because after renting for so long, there’s something so liberating about hammering in nails into a wall without thinking “Oh no, there goes my deposit!”

The home improvements keep coming as the nesting keeps happening.

Fun fact: Reruns of one of the best 90’s sitcoms is on the Hallmark channel. Unfortunately, it airs the same time as Jeopardy. I know, the horror.

Nothing defines childhood crush like bowlcuts and mullets. Oh, and JTT.

I’ve poured over Pinterest, thought hard staring at hardware in Costco and Home Depot and have done extensive research on Kreg Jigs. Gone are the days when my one of my only home pieces was a small empty keg with an ironing board on it. Gone are the days when Ryan’s only light in the room was a fluorescent Bud Light sign he got from Walmart…. which still serves a strong purpose in his mancave.

Here’s a list of what we’ve accomplished so far:
– New stainless steel hardware in the bathrooms
– New chandelier over the dining room table (more light!)


– Covering blank walls. While chalkboarding is a bit of a Pinterest cliché, I gotta say I love the look it brings to the house. It’ll be useful for when we have curious-minded children.


– Set up an actual guestroom that doesn’t require guests to sleep on a 4 in. mattress on the floor next to boxes of Army gear. No more couch sleeping! Also helps/pressures us since we have an out-of-town guest this weekend.
– New lights in the master bath (more light again!)
– HUGE mirror in master bath that still doesn’t change the fact that I hog the counter.

Here’s a list of things we still need to do, realistically in the near future:– Remodel the kitchen. It’s a bit small, but Ryan thinks there can be something creative done with our space.
– Build one of these bad ass shelves:


– And take a page (or 100) out of Ana White’s site and create a farmhouse table, fit for a country cottage:


We managed to find our essentials off Craigslist and Goodwill, saving our pennies for high-dollar items like appliances and new carpeting in the slightly distant future. Our existing dining room table has potential to be a cheap and easy project that I’m eager to start on and share. But let’s be honest, Ryan and my dad might take over since I tend to be more of an “Oops! Shit. That works, I guess” artist myself.

So lots of changes. We love our home, even if we don’t know how long we’ll be staying here. It’s hard to not want to nest when you finally have a home-y space of your own, but who know what the future will hold for us as we take on new adventures and travel to different places.  No matter what, there’s no better feeling than feeling proud of your nest, sharing it with the ones you love.



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