The Beard and I grew up as Seattle Seahawk fans. While my heart really leans towards the Mariners, it wasn’t hard to share that love for all Seattle sports. There’s something about the youth of our teams, the presence it has in our small city, yet large state that really gets people excited. It’s also a reason for thousands of others across the nation to hate us.

Here are 12 reasons to make love, not war, with the Seattle Seahawks and the city they hail from:

1. This whole country gets crap weather all the damn time. Except for here. You complain about the rain? It actually rains less here than it does in some parts of the east coast and Arizona. It’s delightful here even when it’s a bit gray.

2. Our QB loves Jesus.

3. We shut up the media. QUICK.

4. Our guys are the babies! Third youngest team to win the Super Bowl.

6. Skittles.


7. You love to hate Golden Tate!

8. Navy and lime green is the best color combo in the NFL. Admit it.

9. Pete Carroll is the second oldest coach in the NFL, but you’d never know it.


10. Our guys know how to play in any kind of weather.

11. Best instagrams in the NFL


12. And finally, after personally being in DC for Obama’s first inauguration in 2009, it still didn’t even hold a candle to the Seahawks Victory parade.

Here’s a photo of the Beard and I at the Celebrate 48 parade: