Face-lifts and soul-lifts

It’s been a tough couple weeks, to say the least. Without going into much detail, just know we’re doing a lot better physically and emotionally thanks to the power of prayer with a heaping spoonful of hope and ice cream. Just in time for spring, we decided to do some cleaning, slight home improvements and take an impromptu trip in an effort to celebrate growth. It’s times like these that make me thankful that Ryan can be home for rebuilding. So much of my personal trip-ups in the past have been a solo battle, with my battle buddy being miles away or having to go to work. He’s proving his worth, so I’ll keep him around ­čśë

We started with a trip to Ocean Shores, a small beach town a couple hours west of us here in Washington. Expecting rain all day, we decided to load up Elvis in the new car anyway and go.

Oh yeah! We bought a new car. After selling my trusty, but old ’98 Honda Civic, and being stuck with a gas hog of a Jeep, we decided to get something that will last us forever and save us a lot on fuel. So far so good!

…back to the beach. It rained the entire drive there, but as rain-lovers we relished in the Pacific Northwest green-ness of it all while listening to the Black Keys on Pandora. Us Wills are electric blues lovers no matter the weather.

After arriving in a place we haven’t been to in years, the sun came out. We got to do something special with our one and only baby and introduce him to an ocean beach. What I love about Elvis is how curious he is because of his hound dog blood, but also his sweet innocence. You can see that in a lot of young dogs, but there’s something about him that warms my heart. It makes me want to take him all over the world and explore the terrain of different places. If anything, he got a dose of how loved he is by Ryan and I. Adventures aren’t the same unless we bring Elvis along.

We did some windy┬ákite-flying and running around, Ryan and I decided to walk around the shops in town before the rain would start coming in again. Simple times, good memories. Once the rain came, we drove around to see the empty beach houses whose residents were probably working away at home in preparation for a summer at Ocean Shores. We worked up an appetite and visited an old Will family favorite, Galway’s. Irish food and beer! Chowder, soda bread and Guiness… yum.

We picked up some ice cream, did some doughnuts on the beach before making the drive back home. It was kind of blessing to find time to do this on a weekend, after being so busy since Ryan’s schedule opened up Saturdays for us. Laughter, a bit of (happy) tears, and just getting our minds off the heavy stuff is what we needed to recharge and face reality with the best attitude.

As for the house, we managed to clear out some old furniture, get rid of tons of new clothes and do some painting! Again!

Our bedroom went from a dark red to a tropical blue, offset with grey, green and reddish oranges to bring out a Maui-like appeal that helps us fall asleep. We also picked up a couple of great flea market finds for the hallway and dining room and have decided that the green-thumb owners before left us too much work to maintain. So the plan is to clean up the front yard with some hired help. I’m a little too embarrassed to show you what it looks like right now!

The bedroom with a fresh, tropical twist

The timing of our growth and change couldn’t come during a better season. Springtime is a good opportunity for us to refresh, restart and recharge for what’s ahead. I’m no marriage expert, but tackling some of these challenges together can be a challenge in it of itself, however, it’s always helped to remind each other that we have common goals to reach. We aren’t perfect at all on our own, let alone with each other. That’s why there are the good times with the bad, and the sickness with the health. The imperfection has been a gift.