The New Camera + Christmas Planned Early

Have you ever seen something with your own eyes that you wish you could capture and convey with the kind of vividness that so few cameras can grasp?

I do. All the time! Perhaps it’s because I foresee so many memories being made in the near future that I would love to treasure forever using something a little more powerful than my iPhone. With some big events and a special project coming up, I decided to start capturing those personal images with something that could also teach me a few lessons on photography. Ok, a LOT of new lessons. Like what ISO means. Yeesh.

After deciding that DSLR was too impractical and costly for the beginner that I am, and that the versatility of the point-and-shoot can be limited, I found out about the happy medium of a compact system camera. A great example of a compact system is the Sony NEX series. For budget-conscious rookies like me, the 3nl or a5000, made the most sense. It provides us a little room to grow as we could eventually experiment with different lenses. We are slowly, but surely learning more about it in our hands more than just reading about it.

Highly recommended by a survey done on several pro photog friends of mine (they are smart friends to have!), the 3nl/a5000 felt like the best choice for my needs.

We love it so far! So, what could we possibly be shooting with this camera that we can’t catch on our phones? Well here’s a list:

1. Family. Includes the pup, parents, siblings, and good friends.
2. Each other. I see how much we’ve changed and grown in the last eight (YES, EIGHT) years we’ve known one other that I would hate to miss a beat. Plus, I think we’ve gotten better-looking with age 😉
3. Babies. When we start having mini-Ryan’s running around, it’s over. I’m snapping every move and freckle.
4. Our trips. We have a few in the works including a road trip to Disneyland!
5. My special Christmas gift project.

To elaborate on #5, I want to first warn you that this project is still in its infant stages of designing and planning. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome! For Christmas this year, I want to give my mother-in-law, and two sisters-in-law a Will family cookbook. All four of us married into the predominantly-male Will clan, but have offered so much rich history and flavor to the family tree. What I realized from my last trip to my parents’ home country of the Philippines is that you can literally eat your way through history. Ever morsel, ingredient and dish has a significance of where someone came
from and the experience they had there. To me, that’s the most amazing thing you can pass on to your children. History and food.

With the help of this handy camera and some lighting techniques, I hope to take photos of some delicious dishes that we as Will women create in the next few months. Everything from my mom-in-law’s grandmother’s trusty pie crust recipe that we all use now to the Navarro family favorite, a peach pie learned from a Navy wives club.

Combining all these great recipes into one book is something that would make a great gift one day to our children and grandchildren. A little piece of our generation, honoring past generations.

With the help from a designer friend who has an incredible portfolio, we’re coming up with a great book design. Something vintage, classic and timeless.

I can’t wait to share my progress! And of course, the final product. In the meantime, I look forward to also sharing some fun images that show how we view our life and the world around us, day by day.

❤ MW



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