365 Project + Elvis’ New Knee

We know a gifted photographer/dear friend named Devon, who is responsible for the banner photo you see on this blog. She is inspirational in a lot of different ways, so ever since she started her 365 photo project to reflect her daily life I’ve been inspired to do the same. You can check out her website here. I highly recommend her for your family, portrait, senior photo needs. Trust me!

While my eye and photography-know-how is LIGHTYEARS behind hers (I mean, she is a professional), I am simply doing this for personal pleasure and learning basic functions on a simple, amateur-friendly camera. I feel like a snapshot of our lives will not only be a lesson in the art, but a lesson in holding on to brief, snap-worthy moments. These moments slip by faster than we know.

Here we begin with Day 1…



Elvis got knee surgery last week. It was something we were honestly dreading for quite some time, but knowing that it would improve his quality of life made it an easy decision. Fortunately, he had a smooth procedure getting his knee cap groove deepened so that the cap can move back and forth without painfully popping out again. He now has a shaved leg and a dozen stitches that make him look Frankenstein.

I’m not quite a mother yet, but being responsible for this dog for the past two going on three years has brought out a side of accountability and compassion I didn’t think I was capable of. One of my biggest hopes is that this dog somehow realizes just how much we love him. It’s impossible, but I think we are close when we have moments like this with him.

Warm summer nights are a favorite around here. We get to tinker around our little yard, tend to an amateur (yet flourishing!) garden, and give Elvis some much-needed fresh air while he hops around (for now) on three legs.

IMG_9994 IMG_9996Here is one of Elvis and his red wagon, fabricated by the beard himself. Stay tuned for a post about how he made it, customized and fit for a king. 
IMG_0011My handsome man looks great in green!
IMG_0027 IMG_0041 IMG_0054 IMG_0049


Cheers to beautiful weather and family time!<3 MW

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