Anniversary of Sorts

September is my favorite month. It’s not because of a certain birthday, start of football season, playoff run for baseball season, or the best Northwest weather–even though all those things are worth celebrating!

I love September because it is an anniversary of sorts. Three years ago, we had a wedding in front of our closest family and friends in a humble ceremony that we scraped our own pennies for. He was home from deployment, both sides of the family traveled from afar, and everyone we cared about got to celebrate an important milestone in our lives; the creation of a new branch of our family tree. This was a milestone in the making.

Melissa & Ryan from Edward Bello on Vimeo.

Another anniversary I celebrate is the first and last time I ever fell in love. Sure, cheesy. But hear me out…

Eight years ago, I met my future husband. He was comfortable. He was a challenge. He was so foreign to me. When you’re a 18/19, your standards are far from set and you’re still reeling off the pain of knowing that Ryan Gosling will never be your future husband. And while our “how we met” story is far from romantic (no clumsy coffee shop run-in, no damsel in distress situation), it’s my favorite story. A story most of you know that involved expensive phone bills and having no idea how tall he was (and how short I was) in person until months after we started talking.

Every September that passes, I think of how I felt at 19, wondering how a single person could change my world for the better. How a life partner could be your biggest cheerleader through life’s ups, and a major source of encouragement through its downs. The Lord knows how euphoric those highs were and how deep those downs have been. It all feels so vivid like it just happened at the blink of an eye, even if several years and changes have passed by.

Every September, I feel 19.

So cheers to another year with my best friend. To our health, the home we’ve built together and the dog who has our heart. Cheers to the many memories we get to make together, especially after many Septembers we’ve been apart. Cheers the belly laughs we get to share together and the tears that bring us closer. Cheers to growing older, but still looking at him like the clean-shaven, dimpled, freckled kid I fell for–that I hope our babies will look like!

Anniversaries are a great reminder of how you felt the day you kicked off a love worth celebrating. They tell us “hey, you made it this far!” and “hey, you have a long way to go!” Every day is a blessing, and every year is a culmination of those blessings. Celebrate and cherish each of them for what they are and how they shape you.

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