The Beard, the Bride, the Beagle and the…

So you’ve probably caught on by now, but there’s a baby in our midst!

Design by CKCalligrapher 2014

We found out late September and couldn’t be happier that this was finally happening. The hardest thing was keeping this news under wraps from our family members. To make this a special announcement for everyone, we decided to throw together a slideshow for our family to watch:


Here is my parents’ reaction caught on camera, which is a video of a video, so forgive the poor quality… I’ll upload a better one soon:


Ryan’s family’s reaction was a bit blurry in photos, but they were just as elated, trust me! Lots of happy tears.


In creating the video for the family, we incorporated some photos shot by our own family members, family photographer Kelsi Pitts of It’s The Pitts Photography, our wedding photographer Chloe Ramirez of Chloe Photography and our dear friend Devon Takenouchi of Devon Michelle Photography. Last fall, Devon offered to shoot a pregnancy announcement shoot for us after hearing that we were hoping to start a family soon. It meant a lot to capture our initial excitement of this new addition. Thank you all for the love. We are looking forward to sharing this special chapter of our lives.




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