Operation Nursery Begins

Part of the fun of gaining a new family member is being able to make room for them in a home. For this baby, we knew it would be an undertaking to re-do an entire room in our little old house. But a great excuse nonetheless!

Before finding out the sex, we knew that neutral colors were the best choice considering strictly blue for a boy and strictly pink for a girl seemed like an outdated decorating scheme. Once we found out we were having a boy, the only thing that the gender dictated was a few small touches and the name we would emlazon above the crib. Here are some “cut-outs” of our decoration inspiration:


But before we could even think about decorating the nursery, we had some major overhauling to do in this outdated bedroom. Orange-y tan walls and carpet with an unknown age (shudder) needed to go. Here’s Ryan looking around at one of the biggest “honey-do” projects he would even undertake. Also, those closets behind him were full of junk. Two people can accumulate too much junk!


The walls are painted a “Oatlands Subtle Taupe” by Behr, with room for white wainscoting.IMG_2969

Removing every bit of carpet, including pesky staples…IMG_2968

Prepping for laminate wood flooring…IMG_2967IMG_2966

The finished floor!


It’s a great way to pass the time during pregnancy, but it can be a tiring endeavor. Thank goodness for Lowe’s, nesting energy and Shop Vac’s.