We are more commonly known as Ryan and Missy, just two kids who are almost exact opposites in a lot of ways but came together almost eight years ago with two things in mind: To grow up and old with one another.

We’ve managed to travel the world, buy a home, adopt a furbaby and scheme some even bigger plans. Eight years have come and gone, but life feels like it’s just starting.

Here’s  little bit on who were are as individuals:


The Beard
Youngest of three boys
Grew up all over the world
US Army veteran, served OIF and OND
Hopes to become a rallycar racer one day
Studying for his degree in technical arts and nerding it up with aeronautical engineering
Anti-impromptu dancing


The Bride
Oldest of two girls
Born in raised in the PNW
Whitman College alumna, KKG alumna
Next stop: Grad school
Enjoys cooking, pretending to like squats and calendaring everything
Pro-impromptu dancing


The Beagle
Lacks the “mean bone” and is only made up of cuddles and peanut butter
May have been a wrestler in a past life
Named after The King himself
Loves sleeping as much as he loves eating
5o lbs and growing
The best thing that’s ever happened to the Beard & the Bride


Ryan, Missy & Elvis



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