365 Project + Elvis’ New Knee

We know a gifted photographer/dear friend named Devon, who is responsible for the banner photo you see on this blog. She is inspirational in a lot of different ways, so ever since she started her 365 photo project to reflect her daily life I’ve been inspired to do the same. You can check out her website here. I highly recommend her for your family, portrait, senior photo needs. Trust me!

While my eye and photography-know-how is LIGHTYEARS behind hers (I mean, she is a professional), I am simply doing this for personal pleasure and learning basic functions on a simple, amateur-friendly camera. I feel like a snapshot of our lives will not only be a lesson in the art, but a lesson in holding on to brief, snap-worthy moments. These moments slip by faster than we know.

Here we begin with Day 1…



Elvis got knee surgery last week. It was something we were honestly dreading for quite some time, but knowing that it would improve his quality of life made it an easy decision. Fortunately, he had a smooth procedure getting his knee cap groove deepened so that the cap can move back and forth without painfully popping out again. He now has a shaved leg and a dozen stitches that make him look Frankenstein.

I’m not quite a mother yet, but being responsible for this dog for the past two going on three years has brought out a side of accountability and compassion I didn’t think I was capable of. One of my biggest hopes is that this dog somehow realizes just how much we love him. It’s impossible, but I think we are close when we have moments like this with him.

Warm summer nights are a favorite around here. We get to tinker around our little yard, tend to an amateur (yet flourishing!) garden, and give Elvis some much-needed fresh air while he hops around (for now) on three legs.

IMG_9994 IMG_9996Here is one of Elvis and his red wagon, fabricated by the beard himself. Stay tuned for a post about how he made it, customized and fit for a king. 
IMG_0011My handsome man looks great in green!
IMG_0027 IMG_0041 IMG_0054 IMG_0049


Cheers to beautiful weather and family time!<3 MW

Health Hiatus + Home Body’ing

Greetings friends! So sorry that we’ve been a little out of touch lately. Due to some health situations, we have been preoccupied with getting better.

For starters, unfortunately, our pup is scheduled to have knee surgery on July 18th. Due to some wrestling with bigger dogs, his ACL is at risk of tearing completely and his knee cap is a little out of place, causing some limping. After consulting three doctors, x-rays and lots of tests, we finally settled on a great doctor at the Lynnwood VCA per the recommendation of a trusted vet tech and beagle-mom.

It’s incredible how much you would do and sacrifice for the health of your baby. We’ve sold a few items and skimped on a few luxuries to save quite a bit of money for his surgery without going into debt. But with the surgery date approaching, part of me is in denial of how sad I’m going to be to see my little guy in recovery. His quality of life is at stake, so we are doing anything we can to make sure Elvis can have the best years of his life

So any prayers and support are welcome! And if you know of anyone in the PNW who is interested in a motorcycle, let us know! It would help us out a quite a bit 😉

I also had some minor surgery myself, but without going into too much detail, I’m glad to be myself again and marching forward after a rough couple of months.  In an effort to keep getting better–possibly even better than before–we decided to do a 10-day green cleanse, based on a book recommendation from a friend. If you’re ever curious about drinking yummy (like Ryan-approved yummy) green smoothies as your daily meals, check out the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by J.J. Smith.  It made meal-prep super easy, the grocery list pretty short and efficient for a busy schedule, and it resulted in clean bodies and better sleep, something we both benefited from over the course of the cleanse.  The nutritionist author did warn that social events were to be avoided in some cases. Getting hangry for the bad foods we crave is bound to happen, especially when you go out to dinner with the whole family. While everyone is eating burgers, pies, and drinking beautiful beers, you’re having to peck through rabbit food and praying the pre-made smoothie in your car isn’t getting warm.

I’ve sold you on this idea, I’m sure. But I swear it’s worth a try!

Also, with the recovery I’ve gone through, I was very thankful for getting spoiled by a great husband who has taken the “Honey-Do List” to a whole new level.  Our cozy little home is getting a lot of love!

1. The Firepit

One afternoon, I looked at the excuse of a firepit that was there before, which is the view from our bedroom bay window. Not a fan of the lack of aesthetic appeal in our backyard, I mentioned doing a new firepit in passing. Fast forward a few weeks later and this pops up! Cost us about $200 for everything including chairs ($15 @ Lowe’s), blocks ($120 @ Lowe’s), sand (free from our sandpit), pebbles ($30 @ Bremerton’s Soil Factory), leveler+spray paint for perfect leveling and circle cutting ($20 @ Home Depot). Full blog post on this to come, authored by the one and only beard himself!

Add s’mores, string lights and Billie Holiday Pandora… and you have a summer evening with the Wills!

2. Front yard cleaning

From jungle…

to oasis!

3. Gardening. Y’all. I GARDEN now. Here’s my pretty rhubarb that makes for a delicious crisp.

So that’s it for now! Like I said earlier, Ryan will breakdown how to do a fancy firepit on a budget. We will also introduce some images from a new camera we purchased. Stay tuned!

❤ MW

Home Improvement

So they say nesting happens when you’re expecting a baby. While I’m not with-child yet, I have to say that my nesting habits have been going on for a while. We are head over heels in love with the rambler we bought over a year ago because after renting for so long, there’s something so liberating about hammering in nails into a wall without thinking “Oh no, there goes my deposit!”

The home improvements keep coming as the nesting keeps happening.

Fun fact: Reruns of one of the best 90’s sitcoms is on the Hallmark channel. Unfortunately, it airs the same time as Jeopardy. I know, the horror.

Nothing defines childhood crush like bowlcuts and mullets. Oh, and JTT.

I’ve poured over Pinterest, thought hard staring at hardware in Costco and Home Depot and have done extensive research on Kreg Jigs. Gone are the days when my one of my only home pieces was a small empty keg with an ironing board on it. Gone are the days when Ryan’s only light in the room was a fluorescent Bud Light sign he got from Walmart…. which still serves a strong purpose in his mancave.

Here’s a list of what we’ve accomplished so far:
– New stainless steel hardware in the bathrooms
– New chandelier over the dining room table (more light!)


– Covering blank walls. While chalkboarding is a bit of a Pinterest cliché, I gotta say I love the look it brings to the house. It’ll be useful for when we have curious-minded children.


– Set up an actual guestroom that doesn’t require guests to sleep on a 4 in. mattress on the floor next to boxes of Army gear. No more couch sleeping! Also helps/pressures us since we have an out-of-town guest this weekend.
– New lights in the master bath (more light again!)
– HUGE mirror in master bath that still doesn’t change the fact that I hog the counter.

Here’s a list of things we still need to do, realistically in the near future:– Remodel the kitchen. It’s a bit small, but Ryan thinks there can be something creative done with our space.
– Build one of these bad ass shelves:


– And take a page (or 100) out of Ana White’s site and create a farmhouse table, fit for a country cottage:


We managed to find our essentials off Craigslist and Goodwill, saving our pennies for high-dollar items like appliances and new carpeting in the slightly distant future. Our existing dining room table has potential to be a cheap and easy project that I’m eager to start on and share. But let’s be honest, Ryan and my dad might take over since I tend to be more of an “Oops! Shit. That works, I guess” artist myself.

So lots of changes. We love our home, even if we don’t know how long we’ll be staying here. It’s hard to not want to nest when you finally have a home-y space of your own, but who know what the future will hold for us as we take on new adventures and travel to different places.  No matter what, there’s no better feeling than feeling proud of your nest, sharing it with the ones you love.


Lazy Saturday

Our weekends are normally pretty busy, so when plans change like it did today, it’s kind of a nice alternative to just stay home and relax. When Mother Nature decided to dump rain, we felt more compelled to cozy up.  Needless to say, after a week of T25, a rest day is really nice! Here’s how you do lazy Saturdays, Will style:

Step 1: Sleep in.
Step 2: Enjoy homemade chili brought by the father-in-law. Recipe to come soon!
Step 3: Watch the Hawks win!

So that was a start. But for some reason, I can’t be home all day. Thanks to my Auntie Celi and Uncle Mon, we had a gift card to the Yacht Club Broiler that we used for a nice seafood dinner. Before retreating back to our hermit shell, Ryan had the brilliant/evil idea of creating what he likes to call a “Chabronie” …apparently it’s a play on a term The Rock coined, “jabronie”? He had a good giggle out of it.

It’s a baked layered good made up of chocolate chip cookies, Reese’s peanut butter cups and brownies. Or what I like to call, Type II Diabetes in a Dish.

While I am a firm believer in baking from scratch, Nestle and Ghiradellli make it too easy to make this happen when you’re too lazy. Heres the lovely picture montage:





Bake for about 40 minutes at 325ºF. It’s best to eye it as youre baking different layers requiring different settings. That’s when timers and toothpicks come in handy!




So now we continue our Dexter marathon on Netflix and enjoy what’s left of what’s been a lazy Saturday well-spent.